Electronic Magazines: The COMSEC Bulletin

This weekly newsletter, dedicated to communications security and the political and technical issues therein, compiled each year's worth of newsletters into compilations, shown below. They seem to have made a big effort to encorporate and seem to have been a forefront of individual privacy in the digital age. Dry, but honorable.

Description of the Textfile
comsec1.txt 13137
The COMSEC Security Bulletin #1, February 17, 1990
cs1984.nws 132047
The COMSEC Newsletter 1984 Compilation
cs1985.nws 164696
The COMSEC Newsletter 1985 Compilation
cs1986.nws 87155
The COMSEC Newsletter 1986 Compilation
cs1987.nws 100296
The COMSEC Newsletter 1987 Compilation
cs1988.nws 94414
The COMSEC Newsletter 1988 Compilation
cs1989.nws 114551
The COMSEC Newsletter 1989 Compilation
csbylaws 27146
Bylaws of the Computer Security Association (COMSEC)
csincorp 4576
The Incorporation Articles of the Communications Security Association (COMSEC)
glossary 5941
Draft Glossary of Communications Security Terms by COMSEC, Feb. 24, 1990
startup 8486
How to Start up a Local COMSEC Chapter

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